It has existed...
From ancient times...
Until the distant future!
In times of peace...
And times of war!
In all places!
And all eras!!
Its appearance may change, but it lives on!!
This location will never disappear, as long as there are humans to visit it!!

The name of that location...
It is the Page...
It is the Download Page!!

Touhou-A-Live is an RPG Maker 2003 game created by Koki, with assistance from (9)^1, Yoto, IS, River, Yamimunemitsu, and others.
As you can probably guess, it's a combination of the SNES RPG Live-A-Live and Touhou.

Download version 1.06 here!
(Please disregard if Chrome tells you the file is malicious; this is in error and beyond my control.)

Also, I gave all the songs English filenames. (May not be that necessary now that the filenames are English. Oh well.)

Koki scrapped a lot of stuff while working on Fantasy Chapter, but I kept it. Definite huge spoilers!


No, really. Someone was writing a novelization of Touhou-A-Live.
He admits it's kind of silly to write a fanfic about an (unfinished) fangame. That doesn't help much.
Here are some excerpts so you know what you're missing.


Koki's Blog

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