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Paranoiac Extras

Some extra details about Paranoiac from Uri's site. Obviously spoilers, and to be read after you beat the game.


- About the Title
"Paranoiac" is a term for those suffering from paranoia.
This most obviously indicates Miki's aunt, but depending on your interpretation, Miki could also be the so-called paranoiac.

- About the Atmosphere
I tried to go for a Japanese horror film's kind of scariness.
I was dedicated to having not much background music and making do with only sounds.

- About Miki
I like the Japanese horror film Loft, so I based her name off of the actress, Miki Nakatani.
Miki made a debut in pure literature, but it didn't sell, so she's reluctantly made a name selling romance novels.
It seems the cause of her depression is her mother's hysteria and the stress of the aforementioned.
It may be that they are codependent, which is why Miki is unwilling to part from her mom despite her coldness.
While she is rather mean to Miki, she still calls and sends her luggage, so she does care in those regards.
And Miki doesn't want to abandon her emotionally-unstable mother, so she in fact becomes dependent on her.
By the way, mom got divorced, so it was just her and Miki living together at home.
It seems to me like this kind of relationship puts a lot of pressure on the minds of both people involved.

- About Miura
At the very beginning, when he helps Miki with her luggage despite his wounded arm... well, okay, duh, he likes her.
Watching some LPs, people have pointed out that he likely has ulterior motives to his actions. And they're exactly right.
I leave it to your imagination what happens between Miki and Miura after the ending.

- About the Monster
I want to let the players decide if the monster was a hallucination or real.
Also, it starts crying in the nursery and uncle's room because it brings back bad memories.

- About Mom
The thing that really never lets up in the game is mom's heartlessness toward auntie and Miki.
As mentioned in auntie's diary, mom/aunt lost both their parents in their school days.
It's not given any detail in the game at all, so it's totally backstory, but...
Mom gave up on the college she wanted to go to and got a job for her sister's (auntie's) sake.
She was nervous to begin with and felt a great responsibility, but she worked hard to keep her sister from being unhappy and to get her to college.
But despite it being her goal, once she saw her sister enjoying her school life and not having to work, she gradually developed hysteria.
Marrying a coworker to give birth to Miki, her hysteria got increasingly worse, and she started to despise her aunt.
She somehow felt that Miki was similar to her sister, so she began to treat Miki coldly as well.
But this combined with her strong obligation to support her own child brought about her unstable mental state.
In a sense, mom could very likely be considered paranoid as well.

Also, the only real translation note I have for the game is that the safe password was originally a number, which you could get by converting "Saeki" to some kind of hiragana counting system. There was really nothing good I could replace that with, so I just flat-out made it the name, as it was already a text input.

Posted March 30th, 2013
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