vgperson's Stuff

New Stuff!
Latest Original Games!
All To Get Her - August 12th, 2017
The latest game by me, vgperson! A co-op (or single-player) puzzle-platformer about two girls, a dungeon, and their quest for the ultimate reward.
(Now downloadable for free as of its third anniversary!)

Latest Game Translations!
Ib Remake - May 17th, 2022
A remade version of kouri's classic horror adventure game Ib, about a girl lost in a disturbing art gallery, now with my English translation.

Your Turn To Die (Chapter 3, Part One, Section B) - June 10th, 2021
A negotiation/horror/adventure game by Nankidai (not yet concluded), about people trapped in a cruel game where death is decided by majority vote.
(The side-game, Your Time To Shine: Island Existence, was also updated with a new protagonist option on March 8th, 2022!)

The Case Book of Arne (Case 1) - October 29th, 2020
A Steam release of a mystery-adventure series by Haru Murasaki. As noble girl Lynn Reinwei├č, plunge into the world of the supernatural and work with the vampire detective Arne to solve a mystery!

Latest Other Things!
REM-9: The Yume Nikki Randomizer - January 25th, 2020
A randomizer I made for Kikiyama's RPG Maker classic Yume Nikki. Shuffle Effects, randomize warps across the dream world, and more!

The Witch's House: The Diary of Ellen - December 31st, 2019
A novel by Fummy written as a prequel to their RPG horror game The Witch's House. Now officially available on Kindle in English!

Your Story - August 14th, 2018
Sugaru Miaki (Fafoo)'s latest novel, about fictional memories of a childhood friend, and a love that was over before it began.

Translated Stuff
All the free independent games I've translated from Japanese, as well as original games I've made.

Paid Games
Commercial game releases for which I worked on the translation.

All of the song lyrics I've translated, mostly Vocaloid songs. All songs include English, Japanese, Romanji, and Al Bhed!

Translated Japanese novels, some original stories and some based on other media.

Tales of 2ch
A listing of translated threads from the Japanese BBS 2ch. Some are (arguably) real life, whereas others are fictional short stories.

More translations that don't fit into broader categories, such as manga, interactive stories, and plain text files.

Translated interviews with various people, mostly Vocaloid producers, and most-mostly Kenshi Yonezu.

Kenshi Yonezu's Twitter
Translated tweets from singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu (also known as Vocaloid producer Hachi).

OSTER project's Twitter
Translated tweets from Vocaloid producer OSTER project.

Vocaloid Highlights
Monthly curated posts of songs made with Vocaloid (and UTAU, and similar voice synths), plus other ways of viewing the song database.

The Aegisub files for my subbed music videos on YouTube and elsewhere. Feel free to use them for your own purposes!

Posts containing all sorts of things, from short story translations to translation notes to blog posts.

Stuff I Made
Original Stories
A collection of original short stories I've written. Some are independent from the rest, while others tie together as a series.

Touhou Seuss
Stories based on the works of Dr. Seuss, but with Touhou characters.

Let's Play Shanko's Legacy
A screenshot Let's Play of a comically corny fangame for the platforming game Jumper.

Let's Play The Joogle Bros.
A mostly-screenshot Let's Play of a silly, messy platformer project I was involved in.

Let's Play the Golden Sun Series
A screenshot Let's Play of all three Golden Sun games, in all their ridiculousness. (Warning: I will probably never finish Dark Dawn.)

Let's Play Riviera: The Promised Land
A screenshot Let's Play of a game about sprites and Grim Angels and Mr. Bats and all that good stuff.

Everything else.

Stuff about me, and where to get a hold of me.

vgperson Elsewhere
Where I announce most everything I do, translation or otherwise. I may make progress updates on things on occasion.

The same as above, but less; I mostly only post about translation releases and original creations here.

Where I post subtitled music videos, mostly. (Note my account was deleted in October 2015, but I reuploaded everything worthwhile and allowed to this new one.) Certain others can be found on Dailymotion. The rest are available as soft-subs.

Where I post my original PXtone music. (Old account here.)